What We Offer



We offer an excellent alternative to the beef you find in the superstore. Our locally raised cattle are raised and finished on a forage only diet, forages that are all grown right here at Valley View Ranch. Throughout the year they graze a mixture of annually seeded forage crops (a cocktail of multiple grasses, brassicas, legumes, vetches, and vegetables), one of our pastures still in native grass, or bales of homegrown hay during the winter months. 


We have a health program that restricts the use of implanted hormones and antibiotics, assuring an all natural finished product. 


Our flavorful Alberta beef is dry-aged for 21 days at a local, government-inspected market where it is cut and wrapped to specification.  You are assured farm to plate traceability. 



What started out as a small project has turned into a full time management tool for us; sheep. In 2015 we decided to buy some Katahdin ewes to help with managing the amount of shrubs, brush, and other non-palatable plants in our cattle pastures. After the first grazing season it became clear that the sheep were an invaluable tool in our management toolbox, with the added bonus of producing a delicious and healthy lamb product.


Our sheep are raised through the spring and summer, and are moved quite frequently to different parts of the farm for targeted grazing. Different plant species are vulnerable at different times of the summer, so our herd is moved in unison with pasture management goals. The lambs are ready for processing by late summer / early fall. 

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Beef Cuts

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Knowing exactly where each cut of meat originates from on the animal is not an easy feat. Before placing an order, we encourage you to follow the link below for some easy-to-read information on beef cuts! 

Lamb Cuts

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Our lamb is more commonly sold in halves or whole lambs, but it is still important to know the cuts of meat so that you know exactly what you're ordering.